Wood-supplying and wood processing

Available in sizes according to the requirements and customer needs.

Production of beams
Production of beams
Bath impregnation of wood
Bath impregnation of wood
Production of boards
Production of chips
Production of chips
Garden table with benches
Garden table with benches
Decorative garden fences
Decorative garden fences
Suitable for open layout of swimming pools, saunas, flooring for restaurants, terraces , bridges , ports ,walkways , exterior flooring for gardens and parks.
Decking – External flooring of solid wood
Trade in wooden products

such as pallets, grills, ribs, beams, boards.

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  • We are specialized in production of pallets , which are available as assembled and in the form of billets, which can then be assembled.
    The pallets can be manufactured according to any specific requirements of the clients.
  • The beams and ribs are available in sizes according to the requirements and needs of the customers.
  • The company has a system for impregnation of timber thus improving it’s quality.
  • Impregnation process consists of immersing the timber in a bath, filled with fungicide preparations Bochemit, which protect wood against blue stain , wood fungus , mold and carpenter ants.

Construction works:


While doing the works, our priority is to carry out the project according to the strict requirenments of the client.
It is our mission to use building materials, human and financial resources in a sustainable and cost effective way.
We try our best to maintain strong client relationships by being loyal and honest.
We are consistent in keeping up with new tendencies in building and technology, when it comes to the building practice.
Construction of forest roads
Spedition services

Feizal Ltd. can transports its production to the clients.This assurace that your purchase is accomplished.

Feizal Ltd. has its own trucks.

We carry out local and international transpport.

If you need separate transport services, we can offer you a variety of trailers.